It is because of dedicated mentors, like you, that Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. has been able to provide life changing experiences for hundreds of young men since 2013. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and/or need additional information, please contact Cynthia Walker at cynthiawalker1976@gmail.com or fill out the mentor form.

What Mentoring entails:

 Your role as a mentor is critical to the delivery and sustained levels of academic and social support required to ensure proper intervention with these young men.

*To ensure success, the following expectations are necessitated by the mentor.

*To be available to engage in e-mentoring and face-to-face mentoring with students.

*To attend trainings as provided by the program to carry forth effective mentoring practices

*To help maintain an online profile of your areas of specialty, your availability, and number of mentees that you can feasibly support.

*To keep all communication between you and your mentee confidential, unless, the situation becomes critical and/or life threating to the mentee 

Mentor Expectations

*As a mentor it will be your responsibility to make the initial contact with the mentee (as soon as the match is made).

*A mentor listens carefully to his mentee's goals, strengths, and struggles.

*A mentor supports the mentee in meeting his goals through questions, providing guidance and feedback, sharing his own experiences.