Our Programs

We build young men's confidence and help them become BETTER to make WISER decisions to become a STRONGER person for successful life outcomes.

Programs Overview

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to build a life platform of respect, confidence and strong relationships among young men while reducing and removing barriers that have lessened their ability to have successful life outcomes.Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. believes there is a responsibility within the community to guide our young men into integrity, accountability, and emotional literacy. Our mission is to build young men's confidence while empowering them to become BETTER to make WISERdecisions to become a STRONGER person for successful life outcomes.

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. serves urban youth primarily in the 49507 zip code which is one of the greatest concentrations of disadvantaged urban youth and the most educational failure rates that persist. It was identified by a national study that the 49507 zip code area is plagued with an increase lead exposure rate which has a major impact on the low academic performances among youth. Within the 49507 zip code, the dropout rate is 24.2 while the Michigan dropout rate is 19.8.

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. (BWS) provides philosophical methods to ensure the life outcomes of young urban males. Our goal is to ensure these young men are given the opportunity to succeed and not fail. The approach to success is applied through mentoring, workshops/seminars and hands on experiential learning. Our mentoring approach links adults to young males 6-18 to provide skills, education, resources, and support to become confident and develop a positive self-image. It is imperative that young males have the opportunity for pragmatic learning to advance them from their current condition to a future state of success. It is our goal to provide resources to urban male youth to enhance their opportunities for higher learning by receiving their high school diploma. 


Comprehensive Reading Program

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. project design for the Confident Reading Program is to connect urban males to adult mentors for one-on-one coaching. Participants/parents will be required to submit a release to acquire their reading levels from their current school. Mentor coaches will instill confidence and provide assistance to ensure reading becomes an adventure and learning experience that opens other doors to learning opportunities.

The second approach is to host seminars and workshops for group learning and reinforcement of the fundamentals of reading. Community facilitators will provide resources and technologies to improve reading levels at the workshop. The third approach is to create hands on learning opportunities via reading challenges, literacy fairs, reading activities, and reintroducing spelling bees. In addition, book clubs, book reports, and literacy game night will be implemented. These methodologies provide young males an opportunity to support each other and promote confident reading which develops a positive self-image. Incentives will be given to promote literacy performance. This program designation is for grades 3 – 5.


Teach Me 2 Tie Program

TheTeach Me 2 Tieprogram is designed to provide young men the skills, education, resources and support to become confident and develop a positive self-image. The Teach Me 2 Tie is a six-week program. Students will patriciate in two interactive sessions focusing on: The Importance of Goals/Visions and The Importance of Knowing all the Facts – Reality Check! Upon completion of the program, a tie of a specific color will be presented to the young men during the final ceremony session. Dependent on their grade, the young men will receive either a Royal Blue (6th grade), Black (7th grade) or Silver (8th grade) tie with an explanation of the significance of the respective colors. This program designation is for grades 6 – 8.


(The Skills of Life)

This program is designed to teach life applications through the game of chess. In chess, every move has a purpose. The participants will learn how each move is critical and has consequences. In addition, the participants will gain an understanding about his role in life by using each chess piece according to its gifts and talents versus trying to be something he is not.

Chess will teach each participant to be a good player – because you never lose in life; you just start a new game and learn from the previous one. The participants will learn the challenges of life and how when mistakes are made, the idea is to start again and discover the lesson from the mistake. The chess experience will teach the participants how to successfully navigate their life.The chess class will offer practical concepts that have relevant life factors. This program designation is for grades 6 –12.


Boys to Men

Boys to Men is a six-week program for high school young men that teaches the participants finance, etiquette training, life skills, education options, and personal choices. Each session is comprised of a speaker and activities that support the topic for that lesson. An open dialogue is implemented at the conclusion of the program where the participants are encouraged to share their challenges and learn from each other.Upon successful completion of the six weeks course, each participant receives a tailored suit with shoes, socks, shirt, and tie. In addition, the participants are invited to experience a five star meal at a local restaurant.

All six sessions are mandatory; if a participant does not attend one (1) session he must write a letter for re-entry in which his peers will determine the acceptance or rejection of his return. If a participant does not attend two (2) or more sessions he will be disqualified from receipt of a suit and participation in the dinner, but is still encouraged to complete the sessions. This program designation is for grades 9 –12.


Blue Collar

Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc.'s goal is to foster a commitment to young men that will promote strong interpersonal skills, career goal-setting and planning. The Blue Collar Program will provide young men with a comprehensive roadmap to career building. During the session, professional men will share their career path, including lessons learned and the importance of self-development.  An on-site learning tour will be held at a local business. This will give the young men an opportunity to experience the work-place in real-time.

The Blue Collar program is an investment in the lives of young men to enhance their leadership skills, create self-confidence, connections among business leaders and peers, and help prepare them for situations that require the next level of decision-making competencies. This program will allow BWS to form partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs, along with preparing future leaders. This program designation is for grades 9 – 12.