The Formula: Better + Wiser = Stronger

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Our Mission


The Mission of Better, Wiser, Stronger, Inc. Is through mentoring we will build young men's confidence and help them become BETTER to make WISER decisions to become a STRONGER person for successful life outcomes.

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Lawrence's story…

I began my journey in the Boys to Men program with some apprehension. I was engaging in a new concept and did not initially understand how this program would have an impact on me. Over the course of the curriculum, I discovered the importance of my appearance, etiquette, and overall demeanor. Upon completion of this program, I was given a black suit, accompanied with a shirt and tie. The final process of the program was for all the participants to wear their suits for a photo session. We would then be driven by limousine to a five star restaurant. I am sixteen years old and do not have a suit, so the thought of acquiring one was very important to me. The Boys to Men program changed my outlook. I participated in a six week course that provided me with applicable tools and resources for my life. The most important aspect of this program is that I received my very first suit!

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